Gareth Firm – Firm Fitness – Personal Trainer

This has to have been my favourite gym session of all.

And I hardly broke a sweat.

Last year I started going to the gym to get fit and healthy. 

To help me in that goal I started working with Gareth (Gaz) who is a Personal Trainer.

It is much easier with someone to push you that little bit harder than you probably would yourself and I definitely feel the benefit.

Gaz is looking to develop a website and promote his business, hence the reason for this shoot.

If you want to discuss images specific to your business simply get in touch by email at or give us a call on 01977 699901.

Here are a few images that I particularly liked.

Gaz Firm Portrait


Gaz - Squats







Portraits - Gaz


Hammer and Dumbells







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