Finally after many months of planning, weeks of long long days full of  blood sweat and tears, not forgetting all the techie bits along the way and believe you me there were lots of them. Welcome to our new home on the WWW.

We expect that we will have some teething problems with various things as we go through the next couple of weeks as we bring everything online at our new hosting company so may we please ask that you bare with us.

Our email has been tested and looks ok but if you do not have a response in 48hours please try calling us on 01977 699901.

As eagle eyed as ever Sue has noticed a few images that don’t appear to be displaying as they should so we will hopefully correct this over the next few days.

This has been the largest revamp we have undertaken since our very first website back in 2004.

We have added a better comment area along with the ability to like posts in Facebook, so please take the opportunity to ‘like away’.

We wanted to bring our branding in to line and get ourselves in to the right place to go forward with other plans we have.

Thank you for your patience through our transition.

Mark and Sue



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