Storey Photo Shoot

There is a well known saying that goes like this….

“Never work with animals or children”

Well I spend a large amount of my time taking photograph’s of children and occasionally the family pets, mostly dogs. Most are, I’m pleased to say, friendly ones.

I must also add that we had one or two bears on this photo shoot too. Not the big grizzly kind, although there was a rather large one.

These were very very friendly and sat quietly having a picnic whilst we took pictures.

There is another saying that you never get two children alike and this was the case here too.

Clarissa was a little shy to start with which is why I thought it would be good to start, rather than finish, the shoot with some moral support from the bears.

Jovey was much more confident, and along with the four family dogs, including a 12 week old pup, we had a fun and very energetic afternoon.

Here are a few of our favourite images from the shoot.

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